Unique beaty top 36: Collection of 25 disigns packaging worth seeing (20/10/2015)

Design product packaging as packaging consumer goods, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic packaging businesses are always keen to bring goods to market. Packaging Design in Vietnam has experienced rapid growth in recent years due to access to the modern design trends.




What is Packaging Design ?
Packaging has 2 functions: storage of products and marketing for the product. The packaging design ensures good performance 2 that helps customers understand the correct marketing and good understanding of the product. Packaging design is to the idea of marketing people in the image of packaging in the manner most beautiful, most impressive
Marketing Box introduce the collection of packaging design beautiful for some drinks, food, electronics, cosmetics


 01-thiet-ke-bao-bi-san-pham-hang-tieu-dung 1


Designing Heineken beer containers


01-thiet-ke-bao-bi-san-pham-hang-tieu-dung 2


Designing Ujo lemonade bottle 


01-thiet-ke-bao-bi-san-pham-hang-tieu-dung 3


Designing wine box sale sample


01-thiet-ke-bao-bi-san-pham-hang-tieu-dung 4


Designing Genki juice bottle 



01-thiet-ke-bao-bi-san-pham-hang-tieu-dung 5


Designing fruit powder  paper bag  for children


02-thiet-ke-bao-bi-do-an-uong-food-packaging 1


Designing  Dove cleanser paper box



02-thiet-ke-bao-bi-do-an-uong-food-packaging 2


Designing  Kosibean packaging


02-thiet-ke-bao-bi-do-an-uong-food-packaging 3


Designing product box


02-thiet-ke-bao-bi-do-an-uong-food-packaging 4


Designing Miller beer import  box


 02-thiet-ke-bao-bi-do-an-uong-food-packaging 5


Designing electronic box : SkullCrushers headset 


03-cac-mau-thiet-ke-bao-bi-dep 1


Designing Entry product  packaging


03-cac-mau-thiet-ke-bao-bi-dep 2


Designing toilet paper packaging


03-cac-mau-thiet-ke-bao-bi-dep 3


Designing electronic device packaging


03-cac-mau-thiet-ke-bao-bi-dep 4


Designing product packaging


03-cac-mau-thiet-ke-bao-bi-dep 5


Designing cosmetric  packaging: lotion


03-cac-mau-thiet-ke-bao-bi-dep 6


Designing label


04-thiet-ke-bao-bi-thuc-pham-duoc-pham 1


Designing soluble coffee packaging


04-thiet-ke-bao-bi-thuc-pham-duoc-pham 2


Designing cosmetric packaging


04-thiet-ke-bao-bi-thuc-pham-duoc-pham 3


 Designing  Kentucky sauce, food packaging


04-thiet-ke-bao-bi-thuc-pham-duoc-pham 4



Designing coffee packaging



04-thiet-ke-bao-bi-thuc-pham-duoc-pham 5


Designing screws box


04-thiet-ke-bao-bi-thuc-pham-duoc-pham 6


Designing socola box


04-thiet-ke-bao-bi-thuc-pham-duoc-pham 7


Designing product for men packaging

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