The role of packaging in building brand image (20/10/2015)
Some B2B business that packaging is no impact on business operations because they sell through catalogs so no need to display on supermarket shelves as products of other common consumer goods.
However, besides the functions of sales, packaging can play many different roles in the creation of corporate image.
1. Artist image brand identity
Packaging plays a role in the expression of the brand identity system of the enterprise. Packaging is designed based on design-oriented identification systems as well as positioning of the brand product. For example, packing a high-end cosmetic products, the need to satisfy two factors: (1) to apply the rules of brand identity system to make a difference in terms of image products competition as well as the consistency of packaging and other marketing items such as brochure, leaflet, advertising ...; (2) the packaging materials used must reflect the premium positioning of the product.
2. Create link
Packaging is the main tool to create links between brands and consumers. For example, with a Colgate toothpaste products, for example, link relationships demonstrate the interplay of brand image through the packaging when the product is used. If the product quality, the brand image was also tried and gradually create brand loyalty.
3. Mass media
A good package design helps the transmission of product information to customers easily. The information about the differences, advantages Vietnamese, how to use effectively transmitted on the packaging will help consumers trust products and brands. With information products provide efficient, the customer experience better and this will help increase brand loyalty.
4. Bán hàng
If products are sold through a distribution channel, the packaging is the chance to meet end customers as they search for products on the shelves. If the packaging is attractive and stand out from the same type of product, the customer the opportunity to choose more products. Therefore, we can say that packaging plays a most important role for consumer products sold in supermarkets or other retail channels.
5. Security
Protective function of packaging products also play an important role in building brand image. If the packaging is damaged, distorted the image can not make quality products, and this will greatly impact the brand image. In some cases, because they want to make a difference, but now using the material or packaging shape mismatch led to the damage or limit the functionality protected. Enterprises need adequate attention both aesthetic aspects and protection features of the packaging for the two functions are equally importantWe can say that the packaging creates the opportunity to interact most effectively between products and consumers. If a suitable product packaging will not only increase the likelihood of sales but also as a tool for building a brand image is extremely effective.DNA Branding –
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